Williams, Stroner and Walters elected to WC school board

Webster City had the only contested school board race in the county

Linda Williams, Richard Stroner and Michelle Walters will be the three new members of the Webster City school board.

Williams and Stroner and incumbent Pam Hayes were running for two vacant seats. Williams, a former Webster City school administrator and counselor, received the most votes, with 326 including 12 absentee ballots. Stroner garnered 244 votes with 12 absentee ballots. Incumbent Pamela Hayes received 221 votes with 15 absentee ballots cast.

“It makes me very happy because I wanted to pay forward to the community and I knew I could do it with my background in education,” said Williams. “Thank you very much for all the support that the community provided for me and for all those who voted for me.”

“I’m anxious to get started. I have a lot to learn, but I’ll be a good listener and ask a lot of questions.”

“It feels very good. I’m looking forward to spending time on the board this term,” said Stroner. “We’ve got a great community here. We’ve got good teachers. We’ve got good support staff. We’ve got some good schools and opportunities for our young people.”

“I’d like to thank the folks who voted for me. i really appreciate your support,” Stroner said. “Thanks again to the community.”

Michelle Walters was elected to finish an unexpired term. She received 347 votes with 18 absentee ballots. She was unopposed.

The following are results from other races around the county.

South Hamilton

Dave Gordon was elected to the Director District 1 seat in the South Hamilton school board election. He received 48 votes with 2 absentee ballots.

The Director District 4 seat had no candidate on the ballot, but Will Johnston received 11 write-in votes and there was a scattering of 11 votes.


Carri Eide, Brianna Richardson and Alison Weidemann were all elected to director at large seats on the Stratford Community School Board of Directors. Richardson received 55 votes, while Eide received 54 and Weidemann had 50 votes.

Northeast Hamilton

Sally Greenfield was elected to the Northeast Hamilton Director District 3 seat with 56 votes. Marlin Pruismann was elected to an at-large seat with 55 votes. Tyler Burton was selected to fill an unexpired term for Director District 2. She received 59 votes.

The results of the election are unofficial until a canvass is conducted. The Board of Supervisors is expected to canvass the election on Friday.