Juggling, unicycles and fun

Williams Area Development Corp. hosts Family Fun night with performances by Hanson Family

Hayden Seiser and Rosemary Chamness served as volunteers during "The Danger Trick" at the WADC Family Fun Night at Northeast Hamilton on Tuesday. The volunteers were to stand perfectly still while jugglers Christa Hanson and her father Mark tossed clubs on either side of them.

BLAIRSBURG — Williams Area Development Corporation hosted the Hanson Family Jugglers for a Family Fun Night at the Northeast Hamilton gym Monday night.

The Hanson family from Kanawha, Iowa feature Mark and Christina Faye and their four children. Mark holds two Guinness World Records for speed juggling while his wife Christina Faye, who holds the Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest paper snowflake in 2012.   Their daughter Christa, 22, won the National Unicycle Championship at the age of eight. Sons Matthew, Luke and Caleb are also gifted jugglers and unicycle performers.

Entertaining the crowd, Hanson demonstrated his form of three-ball juggling that earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with 530 catches in one minute.

The Hanson sister and brother, Christa and Matthew, performed tricks from high upon their giraffe unicycles. If those tricks weren’t impressive enough, they added juggling fetes, too.

During the show two brave audience members took part in the “Danger Trick.” This involved the two volunteers to stand perfectly still while Matthew and Christa hurled juggling clubs past them.

Christa Hanson, now 22, won the National Unicycle Championship when she was eight. Christa performed along with her family on Tuesday night at Northeast Hamilton for Family Fun Night, sponsored by The Williams Area Development Corporation.

“Yeah, it was scary,” admitted Hayden Seiser who volunteered with Rosemary Chamness for the trick and lived to tell about it.

Following the performance, children and adults were invited to try their hand at tricks including plate spinning, scarf juggling, stick balancing and bubble stick twirling.

The program was brought to Hamilton County by the Williams Area Development Corp, said President Cindy Sweedler.

“This is the first time we’ve done this,” said Sweedler, of the Family Fun Night. “We wanted to do something for the community and families.”

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Teresa Wood Conor Smothers learns how to operate a Bubble Stick from Christina Faye Hanson at the Family Fun Night on Tuesday while his mom Megan Hassbrock looks on.