Business changes hands

Moriarty Dental Group in Webster City purchased by Dr. Kyle Olson, D.D.S.

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Dr. Eleanor Moriarty, D.D.S., left, Dr. Leo Moriarty, D.D.S., and Dr. Kyle Olson, D.D.S., right, are pictured above. Olson recently purchased Moriarty Dental Group and officially begins today at the practice.

Moriarty Dental Group was recently purchased by Dr. Kyle Olson, D.D.S. He began his first official day today at the practice. His practice, Dr. Kyle Olson, D.D.S., P.C., will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The office will be open on Fridays as needed.

Former owners Drs. Leo and Eleanor Moriarty said this transition is happening sooner than they had imagined. A practice broker offered to look at it two years ago at a dental meeting, but the practice wasn’t actively listed. In November, the broker approached the couple and asked if he could show it to someone.

“We had talked to a practice broker at a dental meeting and he had talked to us about looking at our practice,” said Leo Moriarty. “He approached us and asked if would mind having someone look at it and we said yes.”

They met with Olson and decided he would be a good fit for the Webster City dental practice.

“This opportunity came up,” said Olson. “We spent a two month process of looking over the practice and making an offer and purchasing it.”

“It’s going to be a change,” said Olson. “I went from just having to worry about teeth to now worrying about teeth, running a business, and having employees.”

Prior to coming to purchasing Moriarty Dental Group, Olson worked as an associate dentist in the Des Moines area for four years. Coming from a larger office, Olson is excited to be able to spend more quality time with each patient who comes in.

“I came from a practice that had four hygienists working everyday. So going from four hygienists to one will be a nice relief for me. It will be easier to spend more time with the patients rather than bouncing around from patient to patient,” said Olson.

“My wife and I are both from small town Iowa and we’re just excited to have found an opportunity where we can get back to north central Iowa and be a part of a community again and get that community feel that you don’t get in the city,” said Olson.

Olson, 30, is originally from Humboldt. He is a general dentist. Olson can provide regular cleanings, restorations, fillings, crowns, bridges, implant work, partial and full dentures, extractions, root canals, and aesthetic dentistry needs.

“I’m excited to get back to the area,” said Olson.

He and his wife, Morgan, who is a nurse practitioner, and their one-year-old son, Leo, are excited to have that small town feel again.

Olson’s older brother is also a dentist and is part of the reason he went into dentistry. Olson also worked for a dentist while in college.

“That sparked my interest as well as my brother being in dental school at the time,” said Olson. “I just followed that path and became a dentist as well.”

Olson went to the University of Iowa for his undergraduate work and dental school. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Olson is a member of the American Dental Association and the Iowa Dental Association.

Currently, Olson doesn’t plan on making any major changes to the practice.

Right now the plan is to keep everything the same and just have a smooth transition, Olson said. “We’re going to have the same great staff here, so you’ll have familiar faces.”

Leo Moriarty will slowly be phasing out over the next three to four weeks. He and his wife, Eleanor plan on spending their soon-to-be free time with family.

“Basically it’s just a transition so we can spend more time visiting children and not having to deal with the business as much,” said Leo Moriarty. “I enjoy dentistry, but I want to spend more time with my children.”

“We wish him success,” said Eleanor Moriarty. “We hope people support him like they did us.”

“We want to thank the town for their patronage. It’s a wonderful place to raise children and you couldn’t ask for a better community,” said Leo Moriarty.

“Dr. Olson seems like a very conscientious dentist and person. He seems to fit right in,” said Leo Moriarty. “So many towns now, with corporate dentistry coming in, we thought it is really nice to have an individual come to town.”

Leo Moriarty doesn’t foresee any problems arising in the near future with the changing of the business to Olson.

“I don’t anticipate any concerns,” said Leo Moriarty. “He is a very likable guy and I think the practice will be very similar to what we have done.”

“We’d just like to keep providing excellent dental care for our patients that they’ve come to expect from Dr. Moriarty and his team,” said Olson. “We’re accepting new patients as well.”

Olson’s office is located at 803 Ohio St. To schedule an appointment call (515) 832-3034. Individuals can also visit Olson hopes to have the website updated and running soon.

“It’s exciting. I’m ready to get going. It will take awhile to get used to everything, but I’m ready for the challenge,” said Olson.