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Locals hone rehab and repair skills during LLBRV workshop

—Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Adri Sietstra ABOVE: Peggy Welter, left, practices cutting a board Wednesday night during a LLBRV rehab and repair workshop while Sharon Cline and instructor Chad Eells look on.
Chad Eells, LLBRV workshop instructor, demonstrates how to safely and properly use a saw Wednesday evening in downtown Webster City.
Sharon Cline carefully marks and measures her board before making a cut Wednesday night during a LLBRV rehab workshop. The eight-week workshop series is designed to give individuals rehab and repair skills as well as boost revitalization efforts in downtown Webster City.
—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Rehab and Repair instructor Chad Eels demonstrates how to correctly cut and measure wooden boards Wednesday night during a Legacy Learning Boone River Valley workshop. This is the second week of an eight-week series designed to teach basic home repair and rehab skills.

Locals joined Chad Eells Wednesday night at Home Appliance and Repair to hone their construction skills.

Workshop participants learned how to properly cut and measure boards. They also learned about the different tools used to cut and measure types of wood materials.

This Legacy Learning Boone River Valley workshop is part of an eight-week course designed to help individuals learn basic rehab and building repair. Eells is teaching the basics to launch students on their own rehab and repair projects with skills and safety.

The goal of this workshop is to address the growing housing needs in the area by empowering local property owners and anyone interested to tackle their own issues. Individuals who take this course will be building a wall for the new ArtSpace downtown at Home Appliance.

They will get to help define the studio for practical experience. Organizers are also looking at hosting further Rehab and Repair sessions to literally build on these skills with new projects.