Lt. Governor headlines GOP annual dinner

“I want to remind you how important this election is,” Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds told the Hamilton County Republicans at their annual chili feed on Saturday at the Webster City Middle School.

Reynolds, the event’s keynote speaker, summarized her life in public service from serving as Clarke County Treasurer – Department of Motor Vehicles, to being called to run with Gov. Terry Branstad as lieutenant governor in 2010.

“I love public service,” admitted Reynolds.

She says she feels honored to serve the state and is especially proud to represent the Iowa brand around the state, nation and the world.

“It is an honor to represent Iowa and have the opportunity to tell the wonderful, amazing story of Iowa,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said Iowa needs a partner in the White House who will work with Iowans, not against them.

“We know what we will get with Hillary Clinton,” said Reynolds, who believes a Clinton administration would result in a growing national debt, a more troubled health care industry and the loss of personal freedoms and opportunities.

“They think they know how to spend your money better than you do,” she said.

The Clinton open borders policy will allow Islamic terrorism to infiltrate into the country, she said.

“It is an easy choice,” said Reynolds, who noted that Clinton and the Democrats are promoting a ‘lot of clutter’ that distracts from the issues.

“But Iowans pay attention and know the issues,” she said. “They know what’s going on.”

Reynolds encouraged voters to support national, state and local Republican candidates like Sen. Charles Grassley, Rod Blum of District 1, Steve King of District 4 and Rob Bacon of Iowa’s 48th District.

“I don’t want to hear on Nov. 9, ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’,” said Reynolds. “Make sure you get people to the polls.”

Iowa Auditor Mary Mosiman is not up for re-election until 2018, but the Hamilton County GOP chili feed is a favorite event.

“Hamilton County is one of the friendliest counties,” said Mosiman.

As state auditor, Mosiman said her priorities include safeguarding personal freedom, balancing the budget and holding government accountable to the electorate.

“I am not on the ballot, but I want to motivate voters at the federal, state and local levels,” said Mosiman. “Let’s get this done in November.”

Rob Bacon, Iowa’s 48th District Representative, told the audience that he was a drug baby.

“I was drug to Sunday service. I was drug to Sunday school. I was drug to Wednesday worship service. I was drug to Wednesday choir practice,” said Bacon, who was a son of a preacher.

The main reason that many people attend church is because someone drug them there, explained Bacon.

“So if you want to see a victory this November, go to the polls because it isn’t going to happen without you,” he said. “Get out and vote and drag someone with you.”

Hamilton County Sheriff candidate Doug Timmons summarized important dates throughout his life – his marriage, the birth of his son and his first job in law enforcement.

Each date carries its own significance, said Timmons. The retirement announcement by Sheriff Dennis Hagenson in January 2016 was another milestone as Timmons soon announced he would seek the office.

“On June 7, 2016 I was humbled to get 58 percent of the primary vote,” he said.

Timmons summed up his law enforcement philosophy/.

“People make mistakes. If God can forgive them, we can forgive them,” he said.

Timmons encouraged citizens to vote on Nov. 8.

“I would appreciate your vote,” he said.

Dan Campidilli has worked in the public service sector for over 33 years and is running unopposed as the Hamilton County Supervisor candidate.

“Life is full of challenges,” said Campidilli, who admits to being a novice to the job. “But this is a challenge that I am ready for.”

Prior to the dinner, Campidilli said the county budget will be the first priority of the Supervisors. He also looks forward to hearing and getting feedback from constituents.

Hamilton County Auditor Kim Schaa was acknowledged by the event Master of Ceremonies Rick Young.

When the state election board recently sent out mislabled ballots, Schaa and her staff identified, corrected, located and replaced all the ballots affected by the error, said Young.

It’s that type of dedication that you will find at the Hamilton County Courthouse, said Young of Schaa and her staff.

Also recognized were Hamilton County Recorder Kim Anderson and retiring Hamilton County Sheriff Dennis Hagenson.

Adam Pitts, the Fourth District Director of the Donald Trump campaign reported that the New York businessman is doing well in Iowa.

“I am proud of Becky (Kepler),” said Pitts who credited the county chair for actively working for Trump.

Pitts noted that the latest poll has Trump up by four points in Iowa over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“Iowa is a battleground state and we need all six of those electoral votes,” he said.

Pitts asked the GOP faithful to follow former Iowa US Senate candidate Sam Clovis’ advice and do “One More Thing.” That could be putting up a yard sign, knocking on doors or volunteering to call potential voters.

There was a mixed response when Tamara Scott, a member of the National Republican Central Committee asked the crowd if they were excited about the presidential election.

Scott noted that this election cycle is unique as the media is trying to distract the voters from the issues and shame the electorate for supporting for Donald Trump.

“How many of you figured out your spouse wasn’t perfect?” Scott asked. “How many of you figured that out before you were married?”

The questions drew laughter.

“No, your spouse may not be perfect, but he is perfect for you,” said Scott. “Our candidate may not be perfect but he is perfect for the times we’re living in.”

Scott cited scandals linked to the Democratic candidate while she was Secretary of State and during her presidential candidacy, specifically the Russian uranium deal and the Clinton Foundation.

Scott noted that Winston Churchill was considered brash, bold and ill-behaved yet “because of him, World War II ended so much better for so many people.”

Scott noted that today America is experiencing an invasion by invitation where immigrants are given benefits that are denied to US military veterans.

“This is all fixable with the right leadership and I believe that Trump is the right leader,” said Scott. “I won’t tell you that he’s perfect, but he’s perfect for the time.”

Roger Hughes offered the Benediction before the dinner and John Koop of Kamrar served as event auctioneer.