Windsor Manor marks ‘New Beginnings’ with balloons, butterflies

Windsor Manor celebrated “New Beginnings” with friends and family members recently.

Community members were able to meet the new Executive Director Jodi Berns-Lennon, Healthcare Coordinator Lori Gordon and new Business Office Manager Amy Ratcliff.

A baked potato bar was served, followed by a presentation on butterflies by “ButterfliZ of Iowa.” Kathleen Ziemer of Des Moines, gave her presentation on the butterflies she and her husband breed. They are Iowa’s oldest commercial butterfly breeding and brokerage facility.

After the butterfly presentation, those present did a release of about 40 butterflies, along with the release of 50 mylar balloons tagged with Windsor Manor’s address and phone number to call if one was found.

Windsor Manor officials said the first call came that evening. One balloon was found in Birmingham, Illinois over 300 miles away. Over the weekend, calls from Riverside which is two and a half hours south of Iowa City and one from Long Island Sound in Connecticut. Officials say the staff and residents are eagerly waiting for more phone calls.

If you would like more information on Windsor Manor please call us at 832-1188 or find the web page at