Recipes help achieve goals

Cathy McGuire has a passion for cooking and baking. McGuire, 58, a Friends Forever Social Education Center member, is aspiring to achieve a newly set goal: create a recipe.

McGuire holds a cooking demonstration activity group twice each month with other Friends Forever members.

McGuire also bakes breads and cookies for the Hamilton County Fair and has even won Grand Champion for her skills. She works at Fareway and will start her 24th year there this September.

Corrie Mork is passionate about raising money for cancer research. To assist McGuire in reaching her goal, Mork donated 30 copies of her cookbook “Recipes for a Cure” to McGuire’s cooking demonstration activity group at Friends Forever Social Education Center Day-hab Tuesday afternoon.

“I have a lot of cookbooks and I love to bake like Cathy,” said Mork.

Mork created “Recipes for a Cure” in 2009 in honor of her son, Andrew, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 18 in 2008 while in the process of joining the Air Force. The cookbook features Andrew’s story on the front page.

“When Andrew left home he joined the Air Force, and that’s where they found the tumor,” said Mork.

Andrew went through three major surgeries and radiation in a seven-month period. He did not have insurance at the time they found the tumor. Mayo Clinic covered the cost of the surgery.

His surgery cost over $120,000 and Mayo Clinic did his surgery for free,” said Mork.

“When we did get him back home, we were able to get him back on our insurance,” said Mork, “so I wanted to give back to the Mayo Clinic by making these cookbooks.”

According to Mork some of the recipes were not healthy enough to be sold by Mayo, so she opted to sell the cookbooks herself and give the proceeds to a cancer organization instead. All funds raised go to the American Cancer Society.

The book features almost 300 recipes from people across the United States, including Mork. The recipes are dedicated to and in honor of those who have fought cancer and cancer survivors.

Mork chose to decorate the cover of the cookbook with two purple ribbons because purple represents all types of cancer together.

“I designed the cookbook. I chose the color purple because purple is the universal color for cancer, it’s not just one cancer, it’s all cancers,” said Mork.

According to Corrie, her son Andrew is currently in remission. Andrew, now 26, is a biotechnologist at Flint Hills in Iowa Falls. Corrie also explained that her Andrew has no feeling in his left arm and the left side of his neck.

“The tumor is now a quarter of the size it once was. So they put him in remission and deemed him cancer free. We go back up in August and then after that it will be every two years,” said Mork.

Mork estimates there are 400 cookbooks left for sale. To purchase a cookbook contact Mork at (515) 293-0242. Each cookbook costs $15. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.