Children of all ages spent Monday night watching magician Rick Eugene perform at Kendall Young Library.

Eugene made red balls and rope disappear, sought volunteers from the audience for card tricks, and even got some of the adults in attendance involved in the fun.

Eugene said that he gets his tricks and material from a variety of places.

“A lot of the tricks are from books or routines that I’ve seen other people do and I’ve changed the props to make them fit my needs,” said Eugene, “That’s what a lot of magicians do, learn a trick and then change it to fit their personality.”

Over 50 children came out for the special event.

While learning and enjoying magic as a kid, Eugene did not begin performing and entertaining until after high school. While performing as a hobby, Eugene decided to make the leap to professional entertaining.

Eugene has been professionally performing for over 20 years and does an average of 300 shows each year. June and July are his busiest months, during the short time period Eugene performs over 180 shows.

“I did magic as a kid with the magic kits like any child. But in high school we had a psychology teacher that brought in a professional magician, who was a friend of his, and he did some stuff for our class,” said Eugene. “It blew us away. It was so fun I went up to him afterwards and asked him how I could learn and he pointed me in the right direction.”

Eugene performs at parties, special occasions, kid shows, birthday parties, fund raisers, festivals, holiday events, trade shows, and charities.

Eugene also offers lessons in creating balloon animals and magic tricks, both basic and advanced. Lessons are offered for ages 8 and up, but according to Eugene’s website, accommodations can be made for younger children.

“When I do a show, I point the kids toward library books because it’s free and it’s and easy way for them to learn how to do some cool stuff,” Eugene said.

According to Eugene’s website, he is a member of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians, Quad City Magic Club, Big Brother Program, Magic Instructor for College for Kids, co-founder of Extreme Kids Helping Kids Day, and is on the Board of Directors for the Davenport Public Library.

When Eugene isn’t performing he sells children’s books to libraries and schools.

“My jobs overlap very well together,” said Eugene.

To learn more about Eugene or sign up for lessons call (563) 823-1471 or visit magicianrickeugene.com.