Missing woman found

The driver of a vehicle found in the Boone River late Monday night was found safe on Tuesday morning.

The Des Moines Police Department confirmed finding the missing person in Des Moines shortly before 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, according to Hamilton County Sheriff Dennis Hagenson.

The search began at approximately 9 p.m. Monday night after authorities received a report of a vehicle in the Boone River.

“We had a report that somebody had driven over the bridge and seen the lights of a car in the river. At that time we thought maybe somebody had stolen a car and driven it in,” said Hagenson. “We did not know. There was nobody in the vehicle when we got it towed to shore.”

“Monday night when we got notified that the person had left Webster City not too long before that, so that is when we started the search for them because then we knew who we were looking for and everything,” Hagenson said.

According to Hagenson, the car was pulled out 100 yards south of the Albright Canoe Access Site in Hamilton County on the Boone River by Tolle Automative Towing.

The search was called off Monday night near 1 a.m. and began again at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning.

“This morning we were starting the search for a person that was not in the vehicle that was found in the river last night. We called off the search last night and waited until this morning. We’ve had air up and kayaks and boats down the river,” said Hagenson.

The search was suspended shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday morning while authorities and rescue workers waited for confirmation from the Des Moines Police Department of the missing person’s safety.

“We’ve had numerous people come down and help locate this person,” said Hagenson.

Kamrar Fire and Rescue, Stratford Fire and Rescue, Webster City Fire and Rescue Unit, Hamilton County DNR, Hamilton County Sheriffs Office assisted Monday night. The Hamilton County Conservation had boats and canoes out on the Boone River also.

“Chief Deputy Scotty McConnell was doing the search of the grounds of both sides. He had the teams lined up for that,” said Hagenson. “I helped take care of the air and river part.”

The Hamilton County Department of Natural Resources, Storm Fly Service, and a helicopter from Fort Dodge all assisted in the search.

Hagenson expressed relief that the missing person had been found safe.

“This is the best of a bad situation. We’re just out a lot of manpower,” said Hagenson.

Hagenson was quick to thank everyone that spent their time, effort, and resources over the past two days assisting with the search.

“It just shows how a community and all the law enforcement and all the agencies can come together and work together,” said Hagenson. “Special thanks to all the people that helped last night and all these different groups.”