Cub Scouts enjoy day camp

Last Friday and Saturday, approximately 65 Cub Scouts, plus parents and camp volunteers converged on Briggs Woods Lake to take part in the annual Hamilton County Cub Scout Day Camp. This is the camps 10th year to be held at Briggs Woods Park, whereas previously it was at Little Wall Lake.

“We are blessed to have such a large, beautiful park right in our back yard,” stated Camp Director and current Scoutmaster Dave Bergeson. “It gives us an opportunity to spread out and do things many other camps can’t offer, such as fishing.”

Cubs checked in at 8 a.m. each day, each receiving their own Special Agent name tag and began rotating to eight different stations throughout the day. The cost of the camp was only $35 total for both days activities.This years day camp had a CSI theme, so many stations tailored their activities accordingly, making it an educational, fun experience. Stations included: bb guns, archery, fishing, woodworking, dna extraction, evidence gathering and conclusions, black lights, cooking, making animal track castings, obstacle course, water rockets and water balloon launchers, zombie sock bombs and kick ball.

Despite the heat index topping out at over 100 degrees each day, there was a good breeze and lots of shade during many of the activities. The one event all Cubs always look forward to is the sound of the Kamrar Fire Dept. fire truck siren as it enters the park. That means it’s time to play in the water for about 20 minutes mid day each afternoon.

Saturday after lunch, the Cubs were treated to a working demonstration from Sgt. Dallas Wingate and his K-9 partner, Bandit. Sgt. Wingate told the youngsters about the training Bandit went thru, his $15,000 price tag, and his special skills in detecting narcotics, finding and holding a suspect, protecting/attacking when need be and searching for evidence and scent tracking. Bandit works off of a reward system of a rolled up small towel he is allowed to shred and a ball he can play tug of war with.

The camp concluded Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. with closing flag ceremonies and a tired group of campers.

“We have so many volunteers that have taken time off of work and out of their schedules to come out Friday and/or Saturday to help us run these eight stations, not to mention the people that have donated ice, the use of the golf cart, fishing bait, etc. Months of planning and preparation have went into the camp and it is something that we as a Scouting community are very proud of,” said Bergeson. “We have such a great group of parents and support people that make this camp happen. These kids will remember this camp forever as part of their childhood memories growing up and I am personally honored to be part of it.” Bergeson was assisted by Camp Director and current Cubmaster, Brandon Clabaugh and many volunteers.

Next years day camp will be held June 16-17, 2017, and will be a Bug Hunter’s theme at Briggs Woods Park.