Campidilli wins seat

A total of 749 votes were cast among three reporting precincts Tuesday night in the Republican primary race for Supervisor District 2.

Dan Campidilli, Webster City, won the Republican nomination with 422 votes, 56.34 percent of the vote. Incumbent Wes Sweedler received 326 votes, 43.52 percent of the vote.

“I just want to thank my family and friends for all the help and support. I really appreciate all the people that came out this evening and voted. I’m just looking forward to moving onto the general election this fall. I’d just like to thank everybody,” said Campidilli.

“I’m surprised, I guess. I didn’t really expect that. I think I’ve done well for 16 years. I think the county is better now then when I found it and I’m going to leave it that way,” said Sweedler. “Congratulations to Dan. Congratulations to Doug (Timmons). I’ve still got six months to serve and I intend to do that.”

Doug Bailey ran for the Democratic Supervisor District 1 seat unopposed and won with 107 votes.

Campidilli and Bailey with both be on the general ballot in November. Both are running unopposed.