Pralle Keehn named to prestigious list by NSB

Leslie Pralle Keehn, Prairie Lakes AEA Instructional Technology Consultant, has been named one of America’s “20 to Watch” technology educators by the National School Board Association.

“These education leaders from across the country are being recognized for their ability to inspire colleagues to explore and embrace innovative technology solutions and instructional strategies that contribute to high-quality learning experiences for all students,” read the March 4 announcement from the National School Board based in Alexandria, VA.

Pralle Keehn was the sole Iowa educator named to the list. In selecting her, the NSB noted that her support of Maker Days in the 40 districts that she serves inspires educators.

“She launched the Global Citizenship LICENSE (Legitimacy, Identity, Community Impact, Education, Networks and Safety and Ethics) to meet her district’s needs for better digital citizenship resources,” noted the NSB.

Pralle Keehn was also cited for co-hosting the Connecting Creativity series with Erin Olson of Prairie Lakes AEA in Storm Lake for global community learners. Their work supports teachers in creation, reflection and student publishing.

In addition to developing Maker spaces, Pralle Keehn has been working on STEM and supporting “deep, hands-on learning”.

This year Pralle Keehn has been developing more support services for computer science classes in area schools, especially at the elementary school level, as an affiliate of

Also, Pralle Keehn has developed the Global Citizenship LICENSE which helps students be a positive, contributing member of society in a digital and analog world.

“I am honored and humbled to be receiving this recognition,” said Pralle Keehn. “The group of people they put together are doing some really innovative, inspiring work, and I feel fortunate to be a part of that”.

It is also a privilege to represent her beloved home state.

“Being able to represent Iowa on this list is an exciting opportunity to be able to share with others the awesome work that is being done by students and educators all across our state,” she said.