Harfst appointed acting manager

The resignation of City Manager Ed Sadler was approved by the City Council Monday night.

Sadler’s last day is March 11. Sadler recently accepted a position as City Manager in Sidney, NE.

The council approved the appointment of Kent Harfst as Interim City Manager, which will be effective March 11.

The resignation of Donald Cook, traffic committee, was also approved by the council.

Mayor John Hawkins declared the week of April 23-30 as Money Smart Week monday night at the city council meeting.

Barb Wollan, ISU Extension Family Finance Specialist, spoke about the importance of Money Smart Week in Webster City.

“In this world, it is a lifetime task to stay money smart. Being money smart once doesn’t make you money smart forever because the world keeps changing…in Webster City we have a group of folks representing and who care about financial education and each year work to put together some interesting and valuable opportunities,” said Barb Wollan, “We want to make Webster City a money smart community.”

A series of events are planned at different Webster City locations throughout Money Smart Week including a community shred event, “Welcome to Retirement” workshop, and estate planning. For more information on Money Smart Week events go to www.visitwebstercityiowa.com/money-smart-week.

A public hearing on a proposal to enter into a General Obligation Corporate Purpose Loan Agreement and to borrow money in a principal amount not to exceed $5,000,000.00 has been set by the council for Monday, March 21 at 5:45 p.m.

The proposed money would be used to facilitate a seamless mill levy transition rate according to City Manager Ed Sadler.

“This is just giving you that ability to affect the levy for the next fiscal year if you do the bond,” said Sadler.

A resolution to enter into a settlement agreement and mutual release with Kluesner Construction Inc. was approved in a 3-1 roll call vote. Talbot voted no.

Work done by Kluesner Construction Inc. was not “in full compliance,” according to Sadler. With the agreement and release, Kluesner Construction Inc. will only be paid a percentage of the original contracted price. The price was negotiated after months of negotiation according to City Attorney Zach Chizek. Roughly 25 percent of the work done by Kluesner Construction was deemed acceptable.

“The city brought in engineers and they looked at it too and they figured approximately more than 25 percent of the work they actually did was correct … that’s where we came up with the number, through negotiations of the 25 percent,” said Chizek.

The original amount budgeted for Kluesner Construction Inc. that was not used will be put towards more repairs of city streets.

A motion to seek proposals for crack sealing of concrete streets in the city was approved in a 4-0 roll call vote.

A motion for the mayor and city clerk to enter into a contract with the Mid Iowa Development Association (MIDAS) Council of Governments to provide technical services for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) City Housing Program was approved by the council.

“This is the grant to work on up to 10 homes in the West Second area,” Sadler, “We need the technical assistance of MIDAS to do the surveys, evaluate the properties… this is basically the next step for the administration of the CDBG Grant.”

According to Sadler, the program is still looking for 4 to 5 homes to assist.

The request to seek proposals for mosquito control service was approved in a unanimous roll call vote.

Councilman Jim Talbot noted the upcoming archery tournament this weekend in Webster City and encouraged locals to come out and support the activity and the people that visit because of the tournament.

Councilman Matt McKinney was absent at Monday night’s council meeting.