Flocks of flamingos return

— submitted photo

Green flamingos will be making another appearance this spring thanks to the Boone Boosters 4-H club. The flamingo flocking began last year as a fundraiser for the club. It was so popular, the club decided to let the flock loose again this year. Two flocks will make their way around the community and spend between two to four days at each location. If your yard gets flocked, you can make a $15 donation to have it removed. For $20 the flock will be removed and you can relocate it to a friend of your choice. A $30 donation removes the flock, relocates it, and protects your home from future flockings. The money raised from flamingo flocking goes toward various Boone Booster projects during the year. To arrange for a flocking please contact Missy Bailey at 515-297-2686. Pictured are, from the left, front row Landon Crawford, Nolan Naso, and Loren Rider (guest); Back row – Emma Bailey, Ursula Leksell, Katie Greenfield, Gemma Borer, Elizabeth Hill, Sean Morgan, Emily Hill, Gabriella Cushman, Grace Rider, Samantha Morgan and Trey Tempel.