The Ya-Yas on parade

— Submitted photo Janis Ostlund Graber, Marcia Eslick-Culbertson, Amy Lukehart- Davis, Kim Fulton-Law, Sue Olson-Asche, Roxie Hayes-Terry and Jill Timm- Wilson, a.k.a. the Ya Yas, represented Iowa in the Borrego Springs, California parade.

By Janis Ostlund Graber

The Spa Ya’s, a.k.a. Ya Yas were a big hit at the 2017 Borrego Days Festival in Borrego Springs California. The city of Borrego kicks off their season with three days of festival, music, and an opening parade with old war planes and bi-planes performing and wooing the crowds.

The Ya Ya sisters get together every year to celebrate their lifelong friendships, and this year was one more to add to the books. I knew that the Borrego Festival was the third weekend in October and I kept pushing to get the girls to commit to this date. I decided to submit our entry for the parade in July, as that was when the parade entry deadlines were due (although I did not tell the Ya Ya’s ).

I just knew that we were meant to be in this parade, but that was all I knew. I had to write a title and description and was not sure exactly what we were going to do, but I slept on it. The next day, I thought how fun to decorate a float and make it look like a big tub of bubbles with the Ya Ya sisters playing in the bubbles.

And then it hit me…. “The Spa Ya’s” My parade submission for entry, which is announced as the floats pass by in the parade, “The Spa Ya – Ya-Ya’s are a group of friends who get together every year to celebrate their lifelong friendships. They all grew up and graduated together and hail from a wonderful little town, called Webster City, Iowa.

They celebrate every year, whether they are in California, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Nevada or Iowa. Whenever they get together, they always have a great time. But most of all, when they are together, “They are home.”

My husband decided to ride his 1915 Model T and escort the Ya’Yas, which I was not aware of. I accidentally found his parade submission that was still sitting in the fax machine, and I guess he was trying to surprise me.

It put a smile on my face and I knew we were in for a good time.

Needless to say…The Spa Yas took first place for “Most Creative” which included Timmy as our official Spa Ya escort.

As we were riding in the parade, and approaching the Judge’s table, I strained my ear and tuned out the crowds and was able to hear the Emcee read the submission I had sent. It was nice to hear, and especially nice to hear the words “Webster City, Iowa.”

For a split second, I caught the center Judge, with her clipboard and pencil in hand, she smiled at me, and I knew she got it. She immediately started writing on her paper, and our float continued on its way.

Of course we will never know what she wrote on that paper. I am sure most people would think “Great theme, Great decorations … Pink Parasols and Bubbles…”

I would like to think she wrote “Great lifelong friends, great laughter, great love…All from Iowa.”