County 4-H holds awards night

— Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Anne Blankenship Outstanding Junior Award winners included: back row from left, Erin Hassebrock, Samantha Morgan, Riley Walker and Andrea Pigsley; front row, Amanda Ostrem, Emily Waugh and Landon Greufe.

The Hamilton County 4-H Awards Night, 4-HerAma, was held on Nov. 13 at The Webster Theater.

On this night 4-H members, family, and volunteers celebrated the end of the 2016-2017 4-H year. Project and major awards were handed out, 4-H County Council members took turns sharing about their club’s activities this past year.

• 2017-2018 County Council Members Inducted: Devon Stoakes, Daniel Blankenship, Abby Gallentine, Aspen Wibholm, Erin Hassebrock, Riley Walker, Carly Appel, Amanda Ostrem and Rori Snethen.

• 2016-2017 Outstanding Juniors: Boone Boosters: Samantha Morgan; Cass Red Cardinals: Riley Walker; Clear Lake Sailors: Erin Hassebrock, Emily Waugh, and Amanda Ostrem; Freedom Flickers: Natalie Eggers; Kamrar Komets: Andrea Pigsley; Lyon Kings: Landon Greufe and Landon Grove; Stratford Spirit: Morgan Paulson; and WHH: Dylan Oskvig.

• Personal Development and Consumer and Family Science Project Winners: Community Service Project: Sheldon Tapper, Preston Erickson; Child Care and Development: Elly Hassebrock; Clothing and Textiles: Jillian Woodall; Home Improvement: McKenna Mitchell; Food and Nutrition: McKenna Mitchell;

 Shea Hassebrock and McKenna Mitchell were presented the Leadership Award. Leadership Award Recipients have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their club, county, and/or state during their years in 4-H.

• Communication & Creative Arts Project winners: Communications : Jake Lahr; Visual Arts: Jessica Woodall; Photography: Sheldon Tapper, McKenna Mitchell, Paige Evans

• Animals project winners: Goats: Halley Koster; Rabbits: Adalie Schwandt; Beef: Quinton Grove; Horse: Sean Godfredsen; Swine: Paige Evans

• Science, Engineering and Technology Project winners: Technology and Engineering: Sheldon Tapper; Woodworking: McKenna Mitchell; Aerospace: Sheldon Tapper;

• State Level Recognition: McKenna Mitchell and Katie Greenfield were selected, after applying and interviewing, to become State 4-H Council Members for the 2017-2018 4-H year. This means they are on committees with 4-H representatives from all over Iowa and they help to plan and implement many Iowa 4-H functions throughout the year as well as be advocates for 4-H’ers statewide in the decisions made at the State Level. Only 40 4-H’ers statewide are chosen for this role each year and two are from our county.

• This year three Hamilton County 4-H’ers won State 4-H Project Awards. To apply for these awards the 4-H’er must submit applications showing growth in Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Communication skills involving the project area you are applying for and then interview with a panel to share knowledge and experience in person. Fifty people statewide can win these awards, only one winner per project area, and three State 4-H project awards came back to Hamilton County.

Lexie Schwerin and Sean Godfredsen were the recipients of the Chicago Award Trip. They will have an opportunity to visit Chicago, tour many of the sites, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo and see the Blue Man Group live.

• Intermediate (7th-8th grade) Major Awards: The Intermediate Cultural Award is a time for youth to experience a delicious meal out and then attend a theatrical event. This year’s recipients and last years will be joining for this fun event and will receive details soon. Winners were Seth Godfredsen, Gage Koster, Gemma Borer, Paige Evans, and Kamryn Vold.

• Senior (9th-12th grade) Major Awards: These Senior 4-H Award recipients have shown exceptional growth in varying fields in their 4-H years. To receive these awards Senior 4-H’ers submit their record books, then the 4-H and Youth Committee, which is made up of current 4-H’ers, leaders, alumni, and former 4-H Leaders/Volunteers, review record books and nominate those that stand above to move onto interviews with the Hamilton County 4-H Foundation Board.

Chicago Award Trip: The recipients of this award get to experience Chicago in all it’s windy glory. Some of these experiences are touring Sears Tower, the Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, the Chicago Theater, walking the Magnificent Mile, seeing the Blue Man group live: Lexie Schwerin and Sean Godfredsen

Ak-Sar-Ben Leadership Award: This 4-H member is making significant progress towards maturity through their service for the advancement of the 4-H program right here in Hamilton County. Winner: Sean Godfredsen

Leadership Award: Leadership Award Recipients have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their club, county, and/or state during their years in 4-H. Winners were : McKenna Mitchell and Shea Hassebrock

• Citizenship Award: Citizenship Award recipients have demonstrated outstanding personal growth in their relationships to others; family, peers, state, nation, and world and the needs, rights, and responsibilities of a citizen. Winners were: McKenna Mitchell, Preston Erickson and Shea Hassebrock.

• Agricultural Award: Agricultural Award recipient has continued to accomplish significant goals in the livestock and/or crops project areas. Marla Grubb was the winner.

• Achievement Award: Achievement Award Recipient has shown outstanding personal growth through participation in a wide variety of 4-H programs. Winners were: Katie Greenfield, McKenna Mitchell and Marla Grubb.

• Merit Award: This award will recognize a Hamilton County 4-H members who have demonstrated outstanding life skills throughout their 4-H career. Winners were: Gabbi Struchen, Katie Greenfield, McKenna Mitchell and Marla Grubb.