Nelson student teaches at WCHS

Student teaching has been an integral part of the Agricultural and Life Sciences Education program at Iowa State University for many years. Miranda Nelsen began student teaching in Webster City at the beginning of January. Miranda works with Kurt Veldhuizen to educate students about agriculture. She is also learning a variety of real life experience she can use after graduating from Iowa State University.

“My favorite part of student teaching so far is getting to teach out in the greenhouse. The fast paced environment is fun and great for learning on the go,” Nelson said. She was originally an animal science major and wanted to become a vet. She is allergic to most animals, so she realized she may need to reconsider her major.

Some of her friends who were in agricultural education and other types of education convinced her to check out Agricultural and Life Sciences Education. After completing her practicum her sophomore year, she decided she was in the right major.