WC youths to attend Boys State

Three local youths have been selected to attend the 77th Annual Hawkeye Boys State hosted by the American Legion of Iowa.

Brian Borkowski, Kyle Porter and Trey Nelson will attend the event this year.

American Legion Hawkeye Boys State is a weeklong “Hands-On” experience in the operation of the democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Iowa government.

Through The American Legion Hawkeye Boys State objective of “learning by doing,” young men will learn more about city, county and state government in one week than they would in an entire semester of high school. American Legion Hawkeye Boys State is an exercise in leading as well as following others. Elections are an opportunity to show the ability to perform under pressure and to show character in the face of victories and/or defeats. American Legion Hawkeye Boys State will test skills in solving problems and working effectively within a team.

American Legion Hawkeye Boys State is an opportunity to gain pride and respect for our form of government and the price paid by people to preserve democracy. The week contains ceremonies and assemblies. Iowa government leaders attend each year to offer their vision and advice.

Daily flag raising and lowering ceremonies are conducted at American Legion Hawkeye Boys State.

With an average of 500 delegates in attendance each year, American Legion Hawkeye Boys State offers an opportunity to meet people who represent Iowa’s diversity in heritage and culture.