NEH students surpass goal

BLAIRSBURG?-Seldom outside of personal growth are students given the opportunity to give back to society.

But students at Northeast Hamilton School have done just that through a fundraising project initiated by John Seiser’s fifth/sixth-grade students.

In his classroom, Seiser introduced the students to the “Change the World” project as part of their Social Studies, Geography and Civics

courses. The curriculum studied the efforts of ordinary people who are making a difference around the world.

“Examples of these projects include providing fresh water, feeding the homeless and raising money for sick children,” said Seiser. “My class decided that helping children get an education was the route we wanted to go with our project.”

The class set a goal to raise $1,000 that would be used for school supplies at the Green Island Primary School in Jamaica.

“Change” buckets were placed in each elementary school classroom in February and the coins and dollars started to drop in.

“Each classroom had a bucket for students to bring in any money they could,” said Seiser. “Some brought pennies and some brought dollars.”

The added incentive of doing something charitable was that the winning classroom would get the honor of sliming Seiser later this month at a school assembly.

“For some reason, this really motivated the students,” said Seiser.

Fundraising ended on March 7 and the school surpassed its goal by raising $1,179.

Seiser knows the NEH donation to the Green Island Primary School will be welcome.

The Green Island Primary School was on a “Change the World” list that was in need of financial assistance, explained Seiser. Prior to beginning the fundraiser, Seiser contacted the Jamaican school principal. They worked together to identify the school’s needs and how the NEH students could help, he said.

“Our goal was $1,000 so we were pretty happy,” said Seiser.